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Northern Shaolin Academy is a complete school of traditional Chinese martial arts, located in Philadelphia / King of Prussia / Valley Forge / Audubon, Pennsylvania (PA). We offer external martial arts programs in Northern and Southern Kung Fu, internal martial arts programs in Tai Chi and Hsing I, as well as a program of Taoist Qigong and Neigong. Read More


Full Suite of Martial Arts Classes

We specialize in teaching Tien Shan Pai or Celestial Mountain System (under Willy Lin lineage) and Hung Gar / Five Family Fist / Five Animal Styles (under Wong Ark Yuey lineage) Kung Fu, Yang Style / Sun Style / Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan, Qigong, Hsing I Chuan or Xing Yi Quan (under Chen Pan Ling or Chen Jun Feng lineage), Wing Chun, Kids Kung Fu, Wushu, and Body Opening, Qigong, Neigong, and Meditation (Jin Shan Pai or Golden Mountain System of Dragon's Gate Complete Reality Taoism under Wang Yen-nien lineage).

Our Classes

A modern blend of striking and grappling that will have you prepared for any situation.

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Use your superior technique to subdue larger and stronger attackers with ease.

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Step into the ring and learn how to use your hands and feet in kickboxing competitions.

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Martial arts training for beginners and masters alike - dial 610-631-9200to set up your first visit.

As an established martial arts instruction team in Audubon, Northern Shaolin Academy has helped countless residents learn a wide variety of styles.


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